In the multimedia program, you will be challenged to bring stories to life by combining ideas with technology and create an unique style of visual with text, film, audio, photos and graphics for channels such as print, video or the Web. You will also learn the programming languages HTML, CSS and JavaScript from dedicated faculty members who give individualized instruction. The major is an interdisciplinary major with courses in art, computer science and communication. After completing the program requirements, you will gain the knowledge, skills and tools to be successful in careers where digital technology is essential.



Reasons to Major:

  • Expertise from three academic departments
  • Integration of new technologies
  • Real world projects
  • Creation of an electronic portfolio
  • Preparation of an everchanging world of Multimedia
  • Network connections
  • Opportunities to serve communities
Career Opportunities:
  • Web Content Producer/Editor
  • Graphic Designer
  • Video Game Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Multimedia Reporter
  • Online Journalist
  • Page/Newsletter/Publication Designer
  • Videographer
  • Audio Engineer
  • New Innovative Careers